Telemedicine: Comprehensive and Integrated

From registration to consultation: seamless, secure, and user-friendly solutions.

From registration to consultation: seamless, secure, and user-friendly solutions.



Telemedicine Platform
  • Registration:
    Simplify onboarding for healthcare providers, technicians, and patients, ensuring a smooth setup process.
  • Equipment Integration:
    Seamlessly connect with a wide range of healthcare devices, including our own IoMT -enabled equipment, for comprehensive telemedicine capabilities.
  • Online Reporting:
    Generate accessible and comprehensive reports online, facilitating efficient review and analysis of patient data, including medical images.
  • Multi-party Video Consultation:
    Enable collaborative care through multi-party video consultations, connecting healthcare providers, specialists, and patients for treatment discussions.
  • EHR (Electronic Health Records):
    Maintain accurate and centralized electronic health records, serving as a repository for patient information.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring:
    Empower healthcare professionals to remotely monitor vital signs and health data, enhancing patient care and reducing in-person visits.
  • Billing & Accounting:
    Simplify billing processes by seamlessly integrating billing functionalities into our platform, ensuring accurate accounting.
  • Mobile Apps:
    Provide mobile apps for doctors, technicians, and patients, offering convenient access to telemedicine functionalities.

Key Features

Telemedicine Platform
  • Multi-tier Network Configuration:
    Support complex healthcare networks with multiple facilities and providers collaborating seamlessly.
  • Equipment Integration:
    Seamlessly connects with various healthcare devices, enabling efficient data collection, analysis, and monitoring.
  • Communication Options:
    Engage through audio, video, and text, ensuring effective and comprehensive consultations.
  • Compliance:
    Adhere to stringent healthcare regulations and data privacy standards, ensuring utmost security and confidentiality.
  • User-friendly Interface:
    Provide an intuitive and user-friendly platform interface for easy navigation and utilization.
  • Consent Management:
    Implement robust mechanisms for consent management, respecting patient autonomy and privacy.
  • Device Independence:
    Access the platform from any internet-connected device, offering flexibility and convenience.
  • Template-Based Diagnostic Reports:
    Streamline report generation with customizable templates, saving time and ensuring consistency.
  • Consultation Summaries:
    Generate concise and comprehensive summaries capturing key information discussed during virtual appointments, enhancing continuity of care.
  • 3rd Party Systems Integration:
    Seamlessly connect with third-party systems such as EMRs, LISs, and pharmacy management systems for enhanced interoperability.
Telemedicine Platform

Use Cases


  • Conduct virtual consultations, providing medical advice, prescriptions, and remote monitoring for patients.


  • Collaborate with doctors, offering remote access to pathology reports for efficient diagnosis and treatment planning.


  • Provide online reporting and remote interpretation of medical images, facilitating timely and accurate diagnoses.


  • Collaborate with specialists across locations, enabling multi-party video consultations and shared patient information.


  • Extend healthcare services to remote areas, improving access to specialized care through telemedicine.

NGO Outreach

  • Deliver healthcare services, consultations, and health education to marginalized communities, promoting preventive care.