Artem HealthTech


Frequently Asked

Our software is designed to be highly customizable based on the specific requirements of our clients. This ensures that our solutions align seamlessly with the unique workflows and processes of healthcare providers, optimising their efficiency.

We offer a variety of apps catering to different healthcare services. These may include apps for patient management, electronic health records (EHR), telemedicine, diagnostics, and other specialised applications tailored to the diverse needs of the healthcare industry.

Our technology solutions are aimed at streamlining processes, reducing operational costs, and improving overall efficiency in healthcare delivery. By doing so, we contribute to making healthcare more affordable and accessible for a broader population.

Healthcare providers can benefit from our expertise, innovative solutions, and commitment to excellence. Our products and services are designed to enhance the quality of care, streamline operations, and ultimately improve the overall patient experience.

Yes, we offer comprehensive virtual training and ongoing support to ensure the successful implementation and utilisation of our solutions. Our goal is to empower healthcare professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to maximise the benefits of our technology.

Artem Health Tech ensures instant image upload, allowing scanned images to be seamlessly accessible through a user-friendly interface & DICOM for reporting doctors.

Artem Health Tech's doctors utilize cutting-edge diagnostic tools to gain deep insights from images, ensuring precise diagnoses and enhancing patient care.

Users can download comprehensive reports in .docx or PDF format, facilitating seamless printing and sharing for easier decision-making.

Artem Health Tech offers support in abnormal cases, allowing users to seek a second opinion or engage in telephonic consultations with reporting doctors for thorough analysis and peace of mind.

Artem Health Tech ensures instant image upload, allowing scanned images to be seamlessly accessible through a user-friendly interface & DICOM for reporting doctors.

Each report from Artem Health Tech bears the signature and registration number of the reporting doctor, ensuring trust and authenticity. This verification process adds an extra layer of assurance for users.

Artem Health Tech's hub-and-spoke model involves the integration of multiple facilities, expanding service offerings for patients and ensuring a more comprehensive healthcare experience.

VMO support provides assistance during specialist consultations, enhancing the overall quality of virtual medical sessions.

Yes, Artem Health Tech's E-HIS solution seamlessly integrates with Medical Equipment and third-party systems.

The E-HIS solution is compliant with ABDM, HIPAA, HL7, ICD-10, DICOM, and MDDS standards, ensuring robust data security.

Artem Health Tech provides flexible deployment options, including Managed Service, Cloud Hosted, or On-Premises, ensuring seamless integration according to your preferences.

Yes, Artem Health Tech's E-HIS architecture is modular and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your healthcare organisation.

We offer flexible payment solutions through our online wallet system, providing a convenient pay-as-you-go facility for managing transactions.

Simplify financial transactions with Artem Health Tech's online wallet system, offering secure and flexible payment options for a hassle-free experience.

The E-HIS solution interfaces with Pathology Analyzers, Imaging Equipment, Monitoring Devices, Barcode/RFID systems, and Biometrics.

Administrative operations include Storage & Inventory Management, Accounting & Finance Management, HR & Payroll Management, Asset Management & Maintenance, and Camps and Marketing.

Supporting activities include Patient Registration, Appointment Management, Patient Billing, Mobile Apps for Doctors, Patients, Technicians, Medical Record Management, Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD), Diet & Kitchen Management, Laundry Management, and Dashboards & Analytics.