Pharmacy Management Reinvented

From Procurement to Patient Portal: A New Era of Efficiency

From Procurement to Patient Portal: A New Era of Efficiency



  • Procurement Optimization:
    Streamline purchasing and supplier management for a seamless supply chain.
  • Intelligent Inventory Management:
    Efficiently track and optimize stock with threshold alerts, automatic ordering and expiration management.
  • Multi-Store Management:
    Coordinate multiple pharmacy locations for optimal stock availability.
  • In-Patient Medication Dispensing:
    Deliver medications accurately and efficiently to hospitalized patients.
  • Out-Patient Prescription Processing:
    Handle prescriptions and refills with convenience and ease.
  • Streamlined Financial Management:
    Manage accounts receivable and track invoices effortlessly.
  • Patient Portal & Health Records:
    Empower patients with direct access to their health information.
  • Supply Chain Optimization:
    Optimize order fulfillment and logistics for timely deliveries.
  • Mobile Apps for Patients & Pharmacists:
    Stay connected and manage workflows on the go.

Key Features

  • Drug Database Management:
    Maintain accurate and updated medication records for efficient dispensing and inventory control.
  • Profile Customization:
    Personalize experiences for patients and vendors, delivering tailored services beyond expectations.
  • Streamlined Prescription Process:
    Digitize and optimize prescription management to save time and reduce errors.
  • Workflow Automation:
    Automate tasks throughout the supply chain to enhance efficiency and eliminate mistakes.
  • Comprehensive Reports & Analytics:
    Access insightful data for informed decision -making and optimized operations.
  • Automated Ordering:
    Streamline purchase orders and automate restocking to ensure timely deliveries.
  • Real-time Stock Alerts:
    Receive instant notifications for low stock levels, enabling proactive inventory management.
  • EHR Integration:
    Seamlessly connect with electronic health records for efficient information exchange.
  • Real-time Synchronization:
    Ensure data accuracy and consistency across modules with synchronized updates.
  • Seamless 3rd Party Integration:
    Integrate with external platforms for enhanced workflows and expanded possibilities.

Use Cases


  • Optimize pharmacy operations with a unified platform for seamless online ordering and efficient management.


  • Integrate pharmacy operations within hospitals, effectively catering to in-patient, out-patient, and walk-in customer needs.


  • Meet the specific requirements of pharmaceutical suppliers, enabling smooth interactions with pharmacies and hospitals for timely medication supply.