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Integrated Kiosk: Telehealth Reimagined

Unifying medical equipment for detailed, remote, and secure consultations.

Unifying medical equipment for detailed, remote, and secure consultations.


Technical Features:

  • Integrated Medical Equipment:
    The Health Kiosk combines medical equipment, video consultation tools, and computing hardware, supported by a cloud-based software platform for teleconsultation and Electronic Health Records (EHR).
  • Multi Vitals Device Integration:
    The Kiosk includes the Multi Vitals Device for comprehensive vital sign monitoring, providing real-time patient data including ECG, SpO2, NIBP, temperature, digital stethoscope, and ENT/Dermo/Dental camera.
  • Digitizer Integration:
    The Kiosk incorporates the Digitizer for seamless scanning of medical records, enabling digitization of X-rays, CT scans, MRI reports, and other paper-based records.
  • Smart Body Composition Scanner:
    The inclusion of a smart body composition scanner allows detailed assessments of body fat percentage, muscle mass, and more, supporting overall health monitoring.
  • Point-of-Care Blood Sample Analyzer:
    The Kiosk incorporates a point-of-care blood sample analyzer for immediate on-site testing of parameters like blood glucose levels or lipid profiles.

Special Features:

  • Portable and All-in-One Solution:
    The Health Kiosk's portability and integration of multiple devices into a single unit streamline teleconsultation services, eliminating the need for separate equipment.
  • Seamless Data Integration:
    The Kiosk seamlessly integrates vital sign data, digitized medical records, body composition analysis, and point-of-care test results for comprehensive assessments during tele-consultations.
  • Secure Cloud-Based Platform:
    Backed by a secure cloud-based software platform, the Kiosk ensures data storage, accessibility, and privacy, supporting remote access, sharing, and collaboration among healthcare professionals.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience:
    The Kiosk enhances the teleconsultation experience by enabling remote access to vital sign monitoring, comprehensive health record reviews, and expert consultations.

Use Cases

Remote Tele-

  • The Health Kiosk facilitates real-time video consultations, remote vital sign monitoring, and review of digitized medical records, bridging the gap between patients and healthcare professionals.

Mass Screenings
and Public
Health Campaigns:

  • The Kiosk supports on-site vital sign monitoring, immediate diagnostics, and collection of health records, enabling comprehensive health assessments and targeted interventions.

Remote Healthcare
Services in
Underserved Areas:

  • The Kiosk brings essential healthcare services to underserved areas with limited access to medical facilities, providing remote tele-consultations, vital sign monitoring, and digitization of health records.

in Emergency

  • In emergency situations, the Kiosk enables timely triage, guidance, and preliminary assessments before reaching a medical facility, through remote video consultations, vital sign monitoring, and digitization of medical records.

Health Services:

  • The Kiosk supports comprehensive health monitoring and tele-consultation services in occupational health settings, promoting regular assessments, on-site diagnostics, and virtual consultations for employees.