Specialized Healthcare Services

Artem’s Smart Clinic

Effortless access to specialist consultations and
integrated healthcare devices.

Effortless access to specialist consultations and integrated healthcare devices.

Artem’s Smart Clinic (Franchisee):

Artem's Tele-Clinic: Your Path to Advanced Healthcare Delivery. Elevate your clinic's capabilities with our cutting-edge telemedicine solution, empowering you to provide exceptional care beyond traditional boundaries. Join our franchise and unlock new opportunities for growth and success in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. Let us guide you on the journey towards delivering convenient, accessible, and high-quality healthcare services to your patients, while optimizing your practice's efficiency and profitability.

  • Teleconsultation Platform:
    Deliver personalized and remote care through our secure and user-friendly teleconsultation platform, ensuring efficient communication with patients from anywhere.
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Management System:
    Streamline clinic operations with our comprehensive EHR management system, providing easy access, efficient storage, and accurate retrieval of patient data.
  • Practice and OPD Management System:
    Simplify administrative tasks with our integrated practice and OPD management system, optimizing appointment scheduling, billing, and patient records.
  • IoT-enabled Vitals Monitoring:
    Monitor real-time vital signs and conduct remote consultations using Vitals Prime, expanding diagnostic capabilities and enabling prompt treatment decisions.
  • Paperless Record-Keeping:
    Digitize patient health records, including radiology films, with our cutting-edge digitizer, enhancing accessibility, security, and collaboration in a paperless environment.
  • Specialist Consultation:
    Connect patients with a diverse panel of expert specialists through our platform, enabling comprehensive care, seamless appointment booking, secure data sharing, and collaborative treatment plans.
Specialized Healthcare Services

Partner with Artem's Tele-Clinic and Unlock Exceptional Benefits:

Artem’s Smart Clinic (Franchisee):
    Establish a Strong Presence: Leverage the trusted Artem's brand name, renowned for its commitment to excellence in healthcare. Gain instant recognition and build credibility in your community, attracting a wider patient base and boosting your clinic's popularity.
    Comprehensive Support: We provide comprehensive support to help you establish and promote your clinic. Benefit from our expertise in clinic design, marketing materials, and digital marketing strategies. Our guidance ensures your success in offering top-notch telemedicine services team.
    Enhance Revenue Streams: Expand your revenue streams with our tele-consultation and e-prescription features. Even when in-person consultations are not feasible, you can provide virtual consultations and serve patients efficiently, boosting your clinic's revenue potential.
    Streamlined Operations: Our solution streamlines clinic operations, minimizing manual paperwork efforts and optimizing your time and resources. Enjoy the freedom to prioritize patient care while our digital solutions take care of administrative tasks.
    Improved Patient Care: Deliver exceptional care to your patients with our integrated IoT-enabled devices. Accurate capture of vital signs and medical records during tele-consultations leads to improved diagnosis and treatment effectiveness, ensuring the best possible outcomes.
    Access to Specialists: Empower your patients by offering access to our panel of expert specialists. Eliminate the need to travel long distances for availing primary care.