Specialized Healthcare Services

Artem's Tele Diagnostic Centre (Franchise)

Effortless access to specialist consultations and
integrated healthcare devices.

Effortless access to specialist consultations and integrated healthcare devices.

Artem's Tele Diagnostic Centre (Franchise)

Artem's Tele Diagnostic Centre, where advanced technology meets superior diagnostics. Join our franchise opportunity and offer comprehensive, state-of-the-art diagnostic services to your patients. With our renowned brand, portable diagnostic solutions, and expert support, become the trusted destination for exceptional diagnostics in your area.

Harness the Potential of Artem's Diagnostic Solutions: Our franchise model provides a wide range of diagnostic facilities to meet diverse patient needs:

  • Pathology:
    Offer comprehensive pathology services with advanced equipment and expertise. Conduct a wide range of diagnostic tests, including blood tests, urine analysis, histopathology, and more, ensuring accurate and timely diagnosis.
  • X-Ray:
    Leverage state-of-the-art X-ray technology to capture high-quality images, aiding in the detection and diagnosis of various conditions. Our advanced equipment and skilled technicians ensure precise results and optimal patient care.
  • CT-SCAN:
    Provide advanced imaging services with CT-scan technology, enabling detailed cross-sectional imaging of various body parts. Assist in the diagnosis of complex medical conditions with precision and efficiency.
  • ECG:
    Deliver accurate cardiac diagnostics with our ECG services. Detect and analyze heart abnormalities, enabling early detection and intervention for improved patient outcomes.
  • Mammography:
    Empower women's health with advanced mammography services. Aid in the early detection of breast abnormalities, ensuring timely intervention and enhanced patient care.
  • Tele-Consultation Set Up:
    Enable remote consultation and collaboration with specialists through our tele-consultation setup. Connect your patients with expert doctors, allowing for comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Software Support:
    Our robust portal supports all diagnostic franchisee models, providing a patient-centric healthcare management system. With telemedicine, remote diagnosis/reporting, and tele-consultation modules, experience the cutting-edge capabilities of our advanced software.
Artem's Tele Diagnostic Centre (Franchise)

Key Features:

    Efficient Workflow Management: Streamline diagnostic workflows with our user-friendly browser-based system, optimizing productivity and reducing manual efforts.
    Seamless Equipment Integration: Integrate diverse medical equipment effortlessly, ensuring efficient data transmission and streamlined diagnostics.
    Unique Health Identification (UHID): Manage comprehensive patient records using a unique health identification (UHID) system, facilitating easy access and accurate diagnosis.
    Personalized Reporting Dashboard: Enhance reporting efficiency for doctors with a personalized dashboard, enabling quick and accurate results.
    Global Specialist Collaboration: Enable specialists worldwide to access and review reports, fostering effective collaboration and leveraging global expertise.
    Robust System Audit Trail: Maintain a comprehensive transaction log, ensuring security, traceability, and accountability within your diagnostic center.
    Scalable Architecture: Adapt our system to your center's needs, configuring organization layers, service settings, and interfaces with diagnostic equipment. Comply with telemedicine guidelines and industry standards for seamless interoperability.
Artem's Tele Diagnostic Centre (Franchise)

Key Benefits:

  • Establish a Strong Presence:
    Leverage the trusted Artem's brand name, renowned for its commitment to excellence in diagnostics. Gain instant recognition and build credibility in your community, attracting a wider patient base and boosting your diagnostic center's popularity.
  • Comprehensive Support:
    We provide comprehensive support to help you establish and promote your diagnostic center. Benefit from our expertise in center design, marketing materials, and digital marketing strategies. Our guidance ensures your success in offering top-notch telemedicine and diagnostic services.
  • Enhanced Revenue Streams:
    Expand your revenue streams with our tele-consultation setup and comprehensive diagnostic services. By offering a one-stop-shop experience for patients, you can cater to their diverse needs and increase revenue potential.
  • Streamlined Operations:
    Our solution streamlines diagnostic center operations, minimizing manual paperwork efforts and optimizing your time and resources. Enjoy the freedom to prioritize patient care while our digital solutions take care of administrative tasks.
  • Improved Patient Care:
    Deliver exceptional care to your patients with our advanced portable diagnostic solutions. Ensure accurate and timely diagnosis, enabling prompt intervention and improved patient outcomes.
  • Access to Global Expertise:
    Empower your patients by connecting them with specialists from around the world. Offer comprehensive consultations and collaborative diagnostics, ensuring the highest level of care for your patients.